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How to choose and order curtains
Where do I start?

Well, the easiest way to start your curtain adventure is to come into our show room and have a look through the biggest range of samples you will find anywhere. One of our colour consultants will guide you through the selection of fabrics and help you establish exactly what you will need. You may want to use a matching colour to your walls and ceiling to make the room look bigger, or be brave and go for something bright and bold!
If by now you still haven’t found something, sit down and have a rest… the coffee is on us!

Then what?

One of our colour consultants will come to your home or business to measure everything up and help you decide on the fabrics to transform your windows. We carry all the leading fabric manufacturers including James Dunlop, Charles Parsons, Maurice Kain, Hoad, Warwicks, Nettex and many more. We also carry a big range of Upholstery fabrics to tie everything together. Our colour consultant will then give you a quote on-site.

Line me up!

Getting the right curtain lining is paramount to getting the best result from your custom made curtains. Our custom made curtains come with a polycotton lining to protect the drape or a 3 pass blockout to keep warmth in and stop light. This provides excellent thermal efficiency and protection and blocks all light from coming through. If the cold is a major problem, using an interlining is another option which provides great warmth. Having the correct lining also means the face fabric doesn’t fade or get damaged, it also allows the curtain to hang nice and full. As well as the standard lining, we have a huge range of coloured and textured block out linings available to complete the look.

What the pleat!? (see pics below)

The final part is to choose the pleat or heading which best suits your needs. Different fabrics work best with different pleats but generally we can make it all work. Either way, our team will be able to point you in the right direction. Some of the more popular pleats are :

  • Pencil pleat
  • Dutch Pleat
  • French Pleat
  • Single pleat
  • Inverted (single reverse) pleat
  • Goblet pleat
  • Cartridge pleat
  • Eyelet pleat
Work It for me

At Toben home and decor, we have our very own work room which means we have full control of the quality of product that comes out of it. We pride ourselves in supplying the finest curtains by paying a great amount of attention to detail. We can normally have your new curtains hanging in 2 to 3 weeks! We also do alterations, repairs and cleaning. No job is too big or too small.

Now we’re on track

We stock the biggest range of tracks and rods to suit any curtain application. We only carry the brands that we know work well. You may also want to add some hold backs, wands or anything else that tickles your fancy. We also stock all spare parts for everything that we sell!

Ok cool, lets hang!

Toben don’t use contract installers. One of our experienced team will hang all your curtains and blinds you buy from us. This gives us an edge on other companies who use contract fitters as it lets us leave you with a perfect finish every time, it also obviously will make the cost a lot cheaper.

Different curtain pleats


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