About us

Toben Home and Decor was established in 2001 after we saw the need for expertise in this industry and to bring back service into the decorating market. Even though we are a relatively new company, we have OVER 75 years experience between us in the decorating and soft furnishing industry. Our experienced (and qualified) team of designers, colour consultants, installers, and tradesman will help you through every step of the way to making your home or business the castle that it really is.
Our mission is simple. To Manufacture and Supply quality Window Treatments at good Prices. We May not be always be the cheapest. But when comparing quotes make sure you compare apples with apples. We believe that customer service is definitley the key to success and at Toben Home and Decor we try to make every consultation as personal as we can.
We specialize in commercial work ranging from schools, hotels, hospitals, churches, stadiums and much more. We have a strong client base all over New Zealand as well as commercial and residential clients all over the South pacific and Australia. Having our own curtain and blind work room gives us an edge over other retailers as it lets us have strict quality control on everything that comes out. Nothing leaves the work room until it has been double checked. We pride our selves in making and installing the best curtains and blinds in the country. We install all of our own work which leaves very little room for error as opposed to using contract installers.
We also have the biggest range of wallpaper in stock in New Zealand.
So, if you want to deal with industry expert behind the counter Toben Home and Decor is for you we provide great service, and the best products available… Why deal with the rest when you can deal with the best, Toben Home and Decor!